Our services are purely self-service. With this simple interface you can create your very own advertising campaign. You can locate your target market on the web not to mention on mobile devices via geographic & Internet Service Provider targeting. Find a particular niche market by using keywords and channel targets. Based on current market bids you can modify your CPM bid online.


Co-operates with more than 400 advertisers and thousands of publishers to provide access to a myriad of ideas on a monthly basis. RTB technology is made accessible across all types of models.


Provides access to numerous companies around the world making is possible to create millions of monthly conversions. Reward for results includes CPL, CPA among others.

Mobile Ad network

Provides access to millions of ideas monthly as well as collaborating with more than 400 advertisers and thousands of publishers. Mobile formats/RTB.

ADSFLAME is a company with professionals whose specialty is in achievement of targetted results and marketing effectiveness. Talking about investments that are very profitable, our main aim is to produce results which are applicable for every type of function. We make use of all traffic at our disposal including but not limited to: mobile phones, displays, social networks, e-mails and re-planning to achieve this goal.

In addition to the aforementioned, we also work closely with advertisers; right from the start with monitoring, then strategy development up to the final stage with the conversion processes, and the targeting of webpages incluuding creative components. In addition, ADSFLAME responds to client's demands by managing campaigns, dealing with branding (CPM, DCPM, CPC) based on campaign results (CPL, CPA, CPD, (CPI) as well as with sales of sales-oriented campaigns.

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Are you a publisher? Here comes an opportunity for you to earn money immediately with the aid of our CPA and CPM Ad network advertisement networks. Grab this golden chance and transform your web, mobile or mail traffic into real money with help of our global advertisement campaigns.

CPM Ad network

We are globally recognized and consist of direct publishers who have multiple websites and applications, generating millions of ideas each month to cater for various needs for global companies all over the globe. Technique improvement of ADSFLAME for real-time bidding (RTB), coupled with sound accessories and our experience of media purchase, will enable us maximize the profitability of our publisher's traffic, at the same time gaining the highest eCPMs. The results achieved from using the CPM Adnetwork publisher will be controlled and studied by highly qualified specialists daily and will be used to continually improve campaigns to get the best results.

CPA Network

CPA Network publisher, our partnership network, specializes in CPL, CPA, (CPI and other campaigns. The money received by traffic coming from goods and services advertising from multiple of advertisers will result in multimillion conversions worldwide. Our elite specialists will help you select the appropriate method, which is used in CPA Network Publisher. You will also receive access to more than 2000 functioning campaigns from over than 40 countries.

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As advertisers and publishers we strongly believe that:

- We can connect with consumers from all around the world.
- Today, a growing number of people are shopping online, consumers are brainier and you cannot be guaranteed the brand allegiance of your customers.
- The affiliate marketing channel, which contains unique publishers, is able to connect with and influence numerous customers throughout their entire purchase journey.
- Affiliate marketing has no borders at all.


We represent a full-spec global company and platform which you have access to when you work with us. From Manhattan to Munich, San Francisco to Sweden; our integrated global Support Center experience, as well as the support of our international program which includes currencies, languages, payouts and direct deposits, we truly represent a global network that aids other businesses and individuals move to greater heights.


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