Want to learn some general information about Cookies files? They are little texts containing some amounts of information. Cookies usually are downloaded if you visit any wished site. Later they are sent back to the original website, or to any other site that remembers that cookie. This option is very useful as allows your site to remember the definite used device & provides with a better website experience.

Cookies are able to provide lots of different options, such as allowance to navigate between different pages on the best level, already knowing all your preferences, and in general improving the user’s experience. Moreover they are able to help to ensure the certain adverts you always observe online are the most relevant to you and your preferences.

Generally cookies as they are don’t identify the certain user, only the definite computer, laptop or mobile devices which are used by a randomly generated identifying tag. Learn the way how our Adsflame does use cookies to provide full use of, your personal computer, tablet (above said laptop) or mobile phone needs the acceptance of cookies. Adsflame uses Cookies to provide you with a better experience, e.g. Adsflame uses Cookies via ways that follow: to give information that helps us to learn your interests on our website or email letters and, of course, what didn’t.

To judge how effective our advertising is and how visitors use our site. Learn the types of Cookie Adsflame uses and our Cookie policy. You are able to observe the Cookies comprehensive list used on in the Adsflame Cookie list gives more information on our Cookies and actually why we use them. The cookies used on are based on the categories found in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) UK Cookie guide published in April 2012.

Category 1: Too Necessary Cookies. They can enable services you yourself specifically asked for. Such Cookies are important for enabling you to move around and using its options, e.g. accessing secure areas of the site. Unless you have these Cookies, services you asked for, like shopping baskets or e-billing, will not be provided.

Category 2: Performance Cookies. They can collect anonymous information on the used pages. Such Cookies gather information on how visitors use, e.g. which pages users visit oftener, and in case they receive error messages from any web pages. Cookies don’t collect identifying a visitor data. They only gather aggregated and as a result anonymous information. It is done only for improving

Category 3: Functionality Cookies. They can remember each choice you made in order to improve your experience. Such Cookies allow to remember every choice you made (like your user name or language etc.) & give enhanced, personal characteristics. Too Necessary, Performance and Functionality Cookies - we have to use them to maintain’s effectiveness, to ease usage, and to give you quality experience. Providing we haven’t provided you with an opportunity for these to be disabled independently, and via online services and using our site you agree we can may these three types of Cookies on your personal device.

Category 4: Targeting/Advertising Cookies. That Cookies use only information about your browsing to make advertising the most relevant individually to you. Such Cookies are used to provide more relevant adverts you. We also use them in order to limit the number of times you see an advertisement the same as it helps to measure the effectiveness of the digital advertising campaigns. The third party (agreed) places advertising networks on our behalf and with adsflame’s permission. They remember what pages you have visited recently and it can be shared with other corporations such as media owners or else. You are able to opt out of above said and to continue using our site. Extended information about all Cookies types and opt out data can be seen in the adsflame Cookie list.

To manage or opt out of Cookies correctly or if you wish to restrict, delete or block Cookies from, you need your browser to do this. provides all details about how to opt Cookies with different purposes of web browser.

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