Our users privacy is protected by Аdsflame. Of course, we take liability of the customer’s information security significantly. Herein is explained in which way we use customer data and how we can protect their privacy.

1. Use of Customer Information

Аdsflame gathers only the details which were provided by you, we also receive some information about you from judging your use of Аdsflame service and transitions to our site and/or other websites. Аdsflame is able to collect any additional information with respect to your participation in any competitions or promotions which we can from time to time offer you.

We promise only to use this information to provide and develop our service. Moreover, we may use your contact data to connect with you. Sometimes we are able to use your contact information to send you some our new offers and news in general about Аdsflame products or services you can purchase or about another selected sites we consider you to be interested in. We have different ways to contact you: by email, post, phone (meaning SMS and calls) or even fax for certain purposes. Such e-mails include some above said marketing material which we consider you to be interested in.

In addition, we may use your information for the next goals: billing or audit, accounting, credits and other payments, immigration and customs control, health, safety and security, administrative or legal purposes, also some statistical and marketing analysis, maintenance, development systems, testing, different customer surveys, and the last - customer relations. It is conducted to make any future dealings with you easier, e.g. by identifying your personal preferences and needs. We are eager to receive any feedback from you in order to help us improving this service.

Please, remember there may be some instances when it may be necessary for us to contact you for some operational or administrative reasons. Moreover we can also learn or analyse the data we collected so that we might support, administer and develop our Аdsflame. The data you give to us will remain in our data basis, which is located on the premises or under the liability of the third party. In addition we also allow some access to your personal information by the third parties, who act on our behalf. Possibly your information will be processed of the Europe borders.  

2. Site tracking

Keep in mind we are making use of tracking software in order to check customer traffic patterns and the site usage in general to ease the development of the layout of the website and of the design in order to meet the needs of our users of А better. Such a software doesn’t let us to capture your identifying data.  

3. Requesting personal data

You are always able to ask any copies of the information about you that Аdsflame holds. In case you request a call recording, please keep in mind that Аdsflame’s policy can delete any copies of customer calls within 90 (ninety) days. Remember that Аdsflame isn’t the information holder for the CCTV footage that can be captured. We may endeavour to process your data information request during ten (10) working days.

Please, in the event we ask more information from to begin this, we will call you directly and there will be thirty (30) days for you to provide us with answers. Unless you commit it, we have the right to archive your data request automatically. If you still have any questions on your data protection, please contact us at:

4. Security to protect your information and data retention

All details can be transmitted via the internet securely by using high-grade encryption (128 bit). Moreover, as it is required by the UK Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998 (or, if applicable, the Swiss Law on Data Protection), we may follow security actions in the storage or information disclosure you have already given us, in order to prevent unauthorised access. It means we are able to request any identity proofs before we disclose any sensitive data to you. Under the circumstances written in this policy, Аdsflame passes this information to any third party, we can guarantee to protect your data. Keep in mind that we are retaining your information for a certain period or this long the law asks.

5. Cookies

As a lot of people know, cookies are small pieces of information on your preferred browser. Like many other websites, «cookies» can be used to let our site or any service provider's systems recognize your internet browser that you use and remember certain data to facilitate your activity on the site. If you would like not to activate cookies, please, check the help section of your internet browser for further instructions how to make cookies disabled.  

6. Use of pixels

To understand how our users cooperate with the emails and the information we send, we use, as many other sites, pixels in the email with the purpose to learn who has read the message. With the purpose to make our content interesting, we are also able to use pixels to find out in what form you would like to receive email.

7. Your consent

During using the Аdsflame website, you agree the gathering and usage of this information by Аdsflame in all ways which were described above. In case you have any other questions about this Privacy Policy or its implementation, please contact our customer services department.


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