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This website («site») is an internet property of Аdsflame («company», «we» or «us»).  Without any notice these terms may be changed by us. Providing you continue using Аdsflame, you hereby that you agree to abide by the new Terms of Service. Remember that any terms and conditions of any supplemental additions with Аdsflame must be honored in addition to the herein Terms of Service.

Аdsflame Privacy Policy

In the event you are willing to ask any questions or add comments on the Аdsflame Privacy Policy, please go to Аdsflame.com and request to view the policy. There you will find the information how and for what purposes we collect any data from our users. Your privacy is crucial for Аdsflame.

Аdsflame Copyright Protection

Аdsflame is protected from any copyright or else. It means that Аdsflame logo, graphics, type of text, files, website design or any arrangement of them is protected, but it is not limited. If there is no mention about your acts in the policy, you are not able to copy any of Аdsflame materials, publish them, produce, distribute, display them, transmit, download, or post in any way or by any means, not limited to, but including, photocopying, electronic recording or other recording (e.g. mechanical), without prior written Аdsflame resolution.

Аdsflame Trademarks

Аdsflame is an official trademark, and is as a result protected by all trademark laws. You are not able to use, copy or imitate any part of Аdsflame trademarked material, unless prior written Аdsflame permit. Scripts, page headers, all button icons, or customized graphics are fully considered trademarks of Аdsflame, and are therefore protected. Аdsflame may also display trademarks owned by outer entities.

The above trademarks may not be protected by Аdsflame, but they are protected by their trademark holders. Your use of Аdsflame.com must be contained to personal, no commercial, use. It is illegal to resell any facet of Аdsflame. Please abstain from using any extraction methods or any data gathering on Аdsflame sites.

Аdsflame Website Linking Terms

You are able to spawn a hyperlink to Аdsflame; nonetheless, it is forbidden to convey it in a defamatory, misleading, wrong or derogatory way. To use any official trademarks you are ought to have written prior resolution from Аdsflame for your use of any material.

Each user who follows the link outside of Аdsflame.com still remains under our protection. Аdsflame is not liable for the content or practices that can be found on linked websites. Just keep in mind that using the link away from this website may be done at your own risk.

Аdsflame Website Usage

Here, at Аdsflame we prefer to be sure in our internet users faith. We are looking for respectful behavior and compliance with moral reasons. Relying on this you comprehend that we expect you to abide by all rules that are all specified herein and to act morally according to this policy. You are ought to never meddle on our website users security or Аdsflame upon the whole. You promise never misuse Аdsflame or any its services. You accept never to misuse any system resources, to disrupt Аdsflame servers, or to interfere with all accounts or networks that are connected or available through Аdsflame or any affiliates. You accept never to intervene with Аdsflame user enjoyment. You agree always to follow Аdsflame limitations of access to Аdsflame sites. Moreover, you agree to honor laws in regard to the Аdsflame use. These regulations may be national or international, local or state. You understand we are not liable for any businesses that may be advertised on Аdsflame, and/or the services quality or any goods they provide.

In case you have a Copyright or Trademark contest Аdsflame would prefer to protect your trademarked or copyright material. We respect the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requirements. We will be able to consider any supposed copyright/trademark infringement that is found on Аdsflame if you send the next information straight to our Copyright agent: whoso has the owner of the specific copyright authorization must insert their signature.

Insert your trademark registration number and any proofs of abovementioned registered trademark.

Show the exact content that is questioned.

Insert the email address you prefer to get any notice mails to, your phone number, and an address.

Insert the statement with explaining what material, you consider, has been copyrighted.

Claim that the submitted information is accurate, no longer perjury, and that you have the authorization for making this complaint.

Email copyright@adsflame.com to contact an Аdsflame copyright agent.

Аdsflame Indemnification Agreement

Keep in mind that in providing any point break the Аdsflame Terms of Service, break any other users rights, or make use of Аdsflame.com to conduct behavior resulted in any other party making complete demand, action, claim, or any requesting damages, you accept the Аdsflame indemnify. Indemnification signifies that you will always hold Аdsflame flawless.

Your Submitted Material

Аdsflame cannot ensure total confidentiality of any questions you might set out, suggestions you recommend, submitted comments, formed and submitted plans, given ideas, shared drawings, offered original materials or any other data, you determine to provide by email or another submission process to Аdsflame, it consists of other possible postings on our website. If submitted, these materials will turn out to become the Аdsflame property and you lose your rights to afore abovementioned materials. Аdsflame can later use all materials for its own purposes, even without any notification or payment.

Аdsflame Warranty Disclaimer

First of all, when you use Adsflame it is always at your own risk. Adsflame clientele comprehend and admit that Adsflame website and all its materials, content, and products are demonstrated to you "as they actually are" and nevertheless they are available. Adsflame accommodates warranties of its title, or another warranties that are implied. Do not rely on each advice or information that is supplied by Adsflame or any entity that is associated with Adsflame.

All downloadings or any access to another websites via our site, will be done at your own risk. You, not another person, are liable for any potential damages to your laptop or computer. If you anguish loss of any data  your from any possible viruses that could be obtained through downloading different software, content, or data, Adsflame is not liable. Adsflame has no accountability for data, products, services or any materials that are offered by any other parties accessed via Adsflame. If it is not established via a prior written document from Adsflame, we are not liable for the accuracy or reliability of other websites. We cannot promise all content on our site will always satisfy you, or that Adsflame materials are error free, uninterrupted, or secure. We are not able to guarantee that any damages will be suffered, including all file corruptions, or errors, lags, or service interruptions, that any or all defects will be avoided.

Limitations of Liability  

Adsflame, or our associates, or any registered party that is involved may be also responsible for any defects stemming from or regarding to the prevention of use or simply usage, of Adsflame online sites or the content on the website, or adjustments which were made to any data entries, or data that has been transmitted or taken, or consequences which emerged because of unauthorized access. It involves all damages, loss of use, your profit, or any information or another type of forfeit. Remember that some jurisdictions do not permit excluding liability for consequential or similar damages or limitation. It means that sides of following limitation on liability agreement possibly may not apply.

Legal Obligations

All above said is governed by and in respect for  the laws of the State of California. Providing you accept legal action regarding to these Terms of Service, you are ought to file your comment with the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, the United States or California District Court for the Northern District of California.

Аdsflame Termination Rules

Аdsflame has right to terminate your account and/or your use of the Аdsflame site. Аdsflame can act so without any prior notice and in addition at its sole discretion. Such acts may be obligatory to prevent future usage of Аdsflame websites.

Exceptions to Аdsflame Terms of Service

Providing something can be found as unlawful, that certain part of above terms of service won’t be valid anymore and will be deleted from the Аdsflame policy. Nonetheless, any aspects of these Terms of Service are valid and must be followed by our users. If you are eager to refuse any condition, you are ought to inform us personally and sign the granted document.


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